Sui Generis Prints, NFTs, Licensing

I only sell one signed print of each image I create, regardless of size. Each picture is one of a kind - literally.

Once sold, a signed print for a particular picture will no longer be available for purchase in any size.

(Licensed and unsigned prints will still be available, for example, but not limited to, book covers, office decoration prints, posters, etc.)

If you are interested in buying a sui generis print, an NFT, or a license of one of my pictures, please contact me using the following form:

When purchasing a sui generis print, I will register you as the buyer, and you will receive two codes. The first code is visible on the back of the print. Anyone with that code can use it to view the picture and its status as "sold." The second one, delivered separately, is the secret code. This code is for use if and when you want to transfer ownership of the print. The new owner can use this code to check all past owners and verify that you are the current owner. They will also be able to register themselves as the new owner, after which you will have to confirm their claim. Once confirmed, their details will be added to the list of owners as the new current owner of the print.